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Ethiopian Myrrh resin

Ethiopian Myrrh resin

Kamala's Own

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Myrrh is a resin exuded by a bush which can grow to a height of nine feet in the Middle East and North Africa. The dried resin has been used for centuries as an incense material, and was given to the baby Jesus to keep away evil spirits. Myrrh was part of the sacred recipe used in ancient Egypt to mummify the Pharaohs.

Emotionally, Myrrh calms hysteria and is a general sedative. It has a strong association with spirituality and meditation. Myrrh is a very centering and strengthening oil. It has been successfully used to help people deal with loss and rejection, as well as to let go of those who have passed on. Myrrh encourages a feeling of peace and acceptance. It dispels negativity and helps one feel courageous in the face of all obstacles.

Myrrh resin is meant to be burned on incense charcoal or blended into an incense creation of your own. Ethiopian Myrrh has a sweeter, more mellow scent than standard myrrh.