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Gypsy Wind blended oil

Gypsy Wind blended oil

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Gypsy Wind is an oil blend I dreamed up about 15 years ago. Its major ingredients are Patchouli and Jasmine. In my mind, when I am making this blend, I see the campfire and the colorful, painted gypsy vardos, circled around it. I hear wonderful gypsy music, like Tarif de Hadouks, and see uninhibited gypsy dancers, with many colored scarves and veils flying around their bodies, dancing sinuously, their bodies seeming to imitate the leaping flames of the fire.

 This scent is strong and spicy to express that image. It has been a best-seller at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for many years.

LB from Illinois says, "Love Gypsy Wind. My first bottle was at the Bristol Renaissance Faire 15 or 16 years ago. I use it daily and get so many compliments."

JB from Ohio says, "You guys are the best!!"