Yennefer’s Potion

Yennefer’s Potion

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Greetings Witcher fans! I’ve done it! I tracked through desolate valleys, lush forests, and ruined cities (of my mind 🤣)and came up with the elusive gooseberry to concoct Yennefer’s Potion. Yes, this is the scent that stopped Geralt in his tracks. As described in the Witcher, it is a cunning blend of Lilac and Gooseberry. On me, it has an amazing ability to last through the night. Your results may differ. 

I was just going to thank you for my order I received today. I believe Yennefer’s Potion is my new favorite scent. I’ve been searching for a new one, since I’ve worn Wench for 5+ years. My daughters had fun smelling the scents too. I’ll probably have to order some for them soon. Thank you again.—MH, Wisconsin 

I think yennifer is a great succubus scent.
Kinda sexy
Kinda deadly
Kinda a lie
But a lie you don't want to REALLY end.—LF, Wisconsin 

I got Yennefer's potion for my birthday and it is SO good!! <3 love it thank you! —BG, Colorado