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Deliciosity face cream (2 oz. jar)

Deliciosity face cream (2 oz. jar)

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I have used this face cream every day, morning and evening, since I made it about a year ago. It is a wonderful moisturizer and smells divine. Here are a couple of comments that customers have made about this product.


" After using your cream for the second time, ... there was a drastic change in the skin around my eyes. It was re-newed, not just better but the skin was actually improved and felt better. ...So I think this is a fantastic product."----MD, Ohio


----"...an amazingly long lasting moisturizer. I put it on 12 hours ago, and my skin still feels soft and supple. And it does have a very pleasant scent. "---SS, Colorado


---"My HOLY GRAIL face product! It is an absolute must during the dry Midwest winters. It leaves my skin smooth & hydrated and smells divine!!!"--KM, Illinois


This cream contains unrefined Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Argan oil (decreases broken capillaries), Hempseed oil, Sesame oil, and a proprietary blend of pure essential oils including Lavender and pure Otto of Rose. Pamper your face with Deliciosity today!