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Oud stick incense

Oud stick incense

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Oud is another name for Agarwood or Aloeswood. The tree has been prized for thousands of years in the Middle East. Its Latin name is Aquillaria agallocha. It grows in Southeast Asia and parts of India. Only the bark of the tree which has been attacked by a specific fungus (a natural occurrence) is harvested and distilled into a magical and highly expensive oil called Oud.


Inhaling the distilled Oud transports you and transforms you. It opens and balances all your Chakras at once, causing a temporary feeling of euphoria. The scent itself is euphoria. Oud oil sells for over $1,000.00, but you can get a reasonable idea of the extremely spiritual quality of Oud by burning our incense. NOTE: This incense is sold by its weight of 10 grams so the number of sticks in the package tends to be 8-10.


Do NOT drive or operate heavy machinery within 15 minutes of burning this incense.